A quick way to find the online prices for a book in India

How to use

Suffix this website address with a ISBN or EAN. That's it.

But I want to search for the book, I don't have an ISBN number...

When I created this, I had an explicit goal of not creating another search engine, I only wanted to compare prices for a book I already was interested to buy.
Use MySmartPrice or MyDiscountBay or IndiaBookStore or ThisYaThat or PriceGenie instead.

So why

Because I built this before there were any good price comparison shops for India (like the list above). In fact, inspired the creation of some of the sites listed above.
Besides, I built this for myself and for other book lovers. I did not build it for commercial purposes, so I have no vested interest in you using this site other than the reason of delight of using it.

Which stores do you search?
  • Flipkart
  • Homeshop18
  • Infibeam

Read latest updates on my blog.

Is there a way to make it more automatic to use?

Yes, there is a bookmarklet. Follow the instructions:

  1. Drag the following link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar:
    Book Prices in India
  2. Go to any random book page, for example, this O'Reilly book; Note that it also works with Indian ecommerce sites.
  3. Click on the bookmarklet (in your browser's bookmarks toolbar).
  4. You will now be taken to the corresponding page on containing a sorted list of prices from different Indian online book stores.

Feedback from Users
Thanks very much for the books search site , I just saved Rs 1000 by searching for the best price !! -- Praveen Singh
great spiffy product :) -- Allwin, founder of saves a ton of time when trying to buy books online. Indian e commerce needs more of them. Thank you @swaroopch. -- Shashank ND is awesome #recommended #ftw #awesomeness -- Saurabh Garg is actually quite bloody awesome! -- Kartikay Sahay
Excellent! I'll use it every time I need to buy a book -- Sharath M S
Super App. Try to compare book prices on different online books portals. -- SukhDeep Singh
Got to love, Finds best prices on books over multiple online stores. -- Vishal Manohar
My sis and her friends are planning to search for their next sem books through your site and then buy from the best source. -- Azmi Ahmad
Awesome program. Before buying a book online I first check the price on You keep adding new sites which is also good. -- Kishore
Thanks for writing a very useful tool (, and making it so simple and user friendly. Kudos! -- Praveen plays a huge role when buying books, thank you @swaroopch. -- Hari K T
I was using "" but "" rocks! Simply superb. @swaroopch -- Parin Shah
Thejesh talks about using a Barcode scanner on Android and looking up the price of a book via
geek-cetas has written a node.js api for
Ved Antani has reused the source code behind to create (see the About page)
Tejinder Singh Mehta has released a voice application using - try calling 011-66020230
Pritesh Jain has reused the source code behind to create and it's companion Android app
Manu J has reused the source code behind to create to show prices from each store as soon as possible. (See tweets 1, 2, 3 for details)