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wheelchair taxi users

Earlier this year new law changes demanding equal treatment for disabled taxi users came into effect. Taxi drivers now face a fine of up to £1,000 if they refuse to transport wheelchair users or attempt to charge us extra.
Check out and if you or anyone you have contact with has ever experienced difficulties with taxi drivers or have noticed a difference or no difference since the law changes please join in this discussion.


  • Dont go there! Gave up using taxis years ago after loosing my cool too many times. Looked at the link and may try again.

  • Cant afford taxis any more. Last time was 3 years ago and had to pay £5 extra on a £6 ride.

  • Most taxi drivers are very helpful but some do not seem to care about my safety and when I call to book a wheelchair accessible taxi there is often not one available.

  • The only time I called for a taxi I gave up after calling 4 different companies being told that they had no car available for me but one of them told me that they need 24 hour notice. I cant get out of my chair without a hoist. My mothers car opens up with a ramp in the back so she takes me places.

  • Can drivers be fined if they do not secure me properly as I don't feel safe in taxis and the ramps are too steep.

  • Hi Anie
    I hope this information is very useful From 6 April taxi and private hire vehicle drivers will be obliged by law to:
    •transport wheelchair users in their wheelchair
    •provide passengers in wheelchairs with appropriate assistance
    •charge wheelchair users the same as non-wheelchair users
    they unfortunately do not mention anything about the height of the ramp but taxi drivers can have they licence provoked if they do don't apply with new law

  • Hi Anie

    The government will be consulting on a draft Accessibility Action Plan later this year, which will seek to address the barriers faced by disabled people in accessing all modes of public transport. I hope that is helpful unfortunately I can not find any information about the legal height for ramps for taxi's , but if I can find more information to help I will let u know

  • Hi Anie
    I have found this information about ramps, A wheelchair ramp at least 750mm wide and not more than 1,700mm in length is required and must be part of the vehicle’s equipment at all times. I hope this helps

  • Hi Anie
    I forgot to mention that When the ramp is deployed onto the road, the ramp slope must not exceed 1 in 4 (25%). It must be possible to deploy the ramp onto both a level road and a 125mm kerb. When the ramp is in use, it must be securely located at the point of wheelchair entry. The surface of the ramp must have a slip-resistant finish and all outer edges must be clearly marked in a contrasting colour. I hope this helps.

  • Mixed feelings about using taxis as it depends on the individual driver. I have to use my manual chair and have someone with me to push if I use a taxi to go out. I don’t feel safe in my power chair up the ramps and I seldom get strapped in securely. It’s a hassle and too expensive. Better than public transport though.

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