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Fed up with either being offered unpaid work experience or jobs that dont want me by the job centre. This has been going on for years and with all this talk about equality it is is a joke.


  • Yes I know how you feel Cal. Two years ago the job centre insisted that I did 8 weeks work experience in a garden centre then lasy year did the same thing for Remploy. No job at the end of it but felt like I was being used as free labour. Later found out that Remploy actually get funding to supposedly train and get disabled people into work. All I want to do is to be able to earn some money so that I can be free of this benefit trap which all the disabled people I know are in. Equality seems to be a licence for quangos to make money.

  • yes that's is so true Liam I had a bad experience with Remploy myself a few years ago

  • My brother would love to work but employers dont understand how he can contribute. Forget the job centre and remploy. They just tick boxes and beyond their lying faces they don’t really care.

  • Pointless trying to look for work any more. Its been 8 years since I last had a job and since then the job centre has sent me on several totally useless retraining courses, work experience programs and workshops. All a waste of time.

  • I have been looking for a part time job for years that will allow me go to the the doctors and hospital when I have appointments. Because these take place at least once a month and the times differ no jobs have been offered.

    I cannot stand for long but can use a computer and have A levels in English, Maths, Geography, History and Art so if anyone knows of flexible a part time administration opportunity in or around Swansea please let me know.

  • I feel ready to go back to work after a bad accident. I now use a wheelchair and have breathing difficulties. I checked online but there is not much help but found out that Access to Work can help me but first I have to find a job. I called a few companies but they are not interested even though they advertised vacancies. I have read through this forum and am worried about stuck in the same trap as ost of you. I want to get out and do something but I want to get paid for what I do.

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